History of SD as stated by Kelly...

Once upon a time, there was a young, introspective girl who dreamed of becoming a famous musician. She received her first guitar at age 14 from her father and began writing & performing her original music almost instantly. Many songs were written over many years as she grappled with the confusion & angst of growing up & feeling like a disempowered female in a fear-based spiritual perspective. She hoped that one day she and her music would find freedom from a dreary tone, but did know how it would be possible. At 19, she hit a rough spot and the songwriting stopped. By her mid twenties she had gone through the most challenging aspects of her life (thus far) but things were looking up and she always held on to hope that it would all work out wonderfully for her one day. The Great Shift took place in 2012 for many and so was true for her. The scaffolding of her belief system had been crumbling for years and now it was starting to take form again. Comfortable in her questioning, she began to settle into the most basic aspect of her beliefs…Loving Kindness. Starting there, she began to rebuild her self-worth and the music started to return to her in new forms. It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher will show up…One Friday afternoon in November of 2012, she crossed paths with a kind soul who would later become a mentor and a student. They attended The Center for Conscious Living, fondly referred to as “hippy church” and eventually discovered that they shared a common interest in writing and playing music. He saw that she had potential, but needed more foundational knowledge and she saw that he could reveal some of the mysteries of music that she instinctually knew, but intellectually confounded her. It was a strangely natural connection…like a platonic odd couple match made in heaven…the original Soul Doctors discovered they were on a mission and they were in it together. In 2016, he began casually guiding her into greater understanding of the basic constructs of music and she challenged him with her original music. In spring of 2017, he demonstrated a guitar lick to her and she channeled, “Penny in the Well.” He brought in two more members to complete the band and the Soul Doctors began their journey. The creative juices were flowing and it’s everything they can do to keep up with it.

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