Kat & the Hurricane, The Zimmer Effect, Soul Doctors

The Wisco, 852 Williamson St, Madison, WI

From folk rock to synth pop, Kat and the Hurricane can do just about everything. With their cutting lyrics and catchy hooks, Kat Farnsworth and Benjamin Coakley, along with drummer Alex Nelson will make you sad in the best possible way. Their upcoming EP "Libra" is a departure from debut "Miles Away", containing songs written with new eyes on the world but with the same heart.

In the misty Milwaukee autumn of 2014, long-time musical collaborators Emily Zimmer and Mike LaPlant formed The Zimmer Effect - an original grungy, groovy rock band with a slight progressive twist. With Zimmer's songwriting and acrobatic guitar riffs at the helm, LaPlant's stylishly refined rock drumming offers the perfect complement. With the two in tasteful vocal harmony and seasoned synchronicity, The Zimmer Effect offers their audience something truly one-of-a-kind. Coupled with familiar rock, pop, soul, and progressive sounds, the band is a splendid blend of classic and crispy fresh!