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The Soul Doctors are on a mission to offer healing through music.  They recommend gathering together and enjoying a good dose of consciousness raising eclectic music to combat the negativity in our current social & political climates. They offer thoughtfully composed original tunes as well as good ole fashioned cover songs. Musical styles include folk, country, jazz, blues, rock, pop, and more! Side effects may include heightened sense of vision, lucid dreams, increased awareness, feelings of appreciation, tingling of the arms & legs, spontaneous controlled movements and increased compassion.  Enjoy at your own risk.

Upcoming Shows



April 18 @ BOS Meadery with WOOD
April 19 @ The Wisco with Meggie Shays & The Zimmer Effect
May 10 @ Art In with WOOD & HYPHERIA
MAY 23 @ Art In with Lane, Dana & the Joanis

June 28 @ The Brink Lounge Canceled